The 48th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition, Harrogate

iatefl-harrogate12-banner-300x200IATEFL conference is one of the most popular events in ELT world, and it is a great opportunity for all stakeholders from educators to publishers to come together in order to meet one another and create networks to communicate and share ideas. I have not been able to find a chance to participate in this conference this year which is between April 2-5 in Harrogate, but I was happy to learn that several important sessions and much more are available online via Harrogate Online. You can access several interviews at the moment with conference participants and presenters through the link. I also recommend you to watch the introductory video and welcome message by IATEFL president, Carol Read.

Blogger-harrogate-300x300-bannerWhat’s more, this year there has been a call for all ELT bloggers to get registered and post their ideas and impressions by watching live sessions. Luckily, since I am really into sharing my ideas and experience with other colleagues, I have also registered my blog and will struggle to post my ideas by watching all possible sessions among all other assignments and things as a PhD candidate here in University of Arizona, Tucson. The opening will be made with David Graddol‘s plenary between 09:00 – 10:15 (UK Time) and I am already looking forward to it since I am closely interested in his views about English as a world language similar to David Crystal. You can also check tweets synchronously by first following @iateflonline, or with hashtags #iatefl2014, #iatefl14 #IATEFL or some others pertaining to special interest groups (SIG). All the sessions that you can watch online are provided at this link and I strongly recommend you not to miss them. If you miss, you can also watch them later on through the same link. You can also find the conference program in pdf format here and check tweets accordingly.

All in all, there are so many opportunities for the people who cannot personally participate in this years IATEFL and technology makes it really possible to actively participate even though you might not be physically there. Therefore, I think we love technology and would like to thank IATEFL committee and British Council for making it possible thanks to their effort and determination to make this event open to viewers worldwide.



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