Interactive Videos? Come on!

Today in one of my technology classes, we were just discussing about the videos and how much real-life they were. Lack of interactivity was one of the aspects that make videos less real-life and maybe less authentic.

Interlude-Video At that moment, I was thinking of the future of videos and the possibility of adding interactivity component where you can interact with the video by changing plot, or deciding what will happen next or how it will happen.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.37.19 AM
Sergio Ramos signing the ball for me!

Then, I came across this feed on Mashable tonight which immediately made me create a second blog post within 24 hours since it amazed me very much pertaining to the possibilities not only now but also more importantly in the future.I recommend you to try it for yourself and see how you can change the plot of a video by even writing something on the video and see it there immediately. Below is the link for this news and the ad of Pepsi. Believe it or not, Sergio Ramos asks your name in the video, then you write it there and he signs it for you.

Afterwards, I visited the website of the company producing Interlude Videos, Treehouse, now taken over by Eko, behind this project and found even more amazing stuff I just want to share here. Compared to the Pepsi ad, the interlude videos there seem even more amazing and seamless. You can explore the website and sign up even to create your own interactive videos!
Just try it for yourself and think about the future of videos and how it is applicable in education, specifically language teaching…

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.00.53 AM

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