Quality Matters more than Quantity: Promoting your blog posts!

Today, I have come across an effective info-graphic listing some of the best available tools to promote your blog posts and most of the tools are free. I would like to share it with the ones invested in and publish it on my blog (which is like my academic diary) as also a reminder for those great tools. The original source is LaunchGrowJoy.com. The tools seem to be effective in general; however, at the end of the day, we should keep in mind the fact that quality matters more than quantity! Enjoy reading!

30 ways to promote your blog/posts (LaunchGrowJoy.com)

This image lists a total of 30 tools through which you can promote things (blog/posts) on the Internet. Most of the tools are free and really practical to use!

Source: http://www.lauchgrowjoy.com